Post-Natal Home Workouts

Required Equipment:

  • Resistance Bands (Light, Medium or Heavy)

  • Dumbbells (Any Weight)

  • Yoga Mat

  • Yoga/Stability Exercise Ball

  • Home Furniture

home Workout plans

24/7 Online Support is available via whatsapp or email should you need any assistance

Phase 1
Week 0-6

In this phase we will work on restoring function and strength to your core and pelvic floor while allowing you to rest! We aim to improve posture and to relieve aches and pains in the hips and spine. It is important to not skip this phase as if your core and pelvic floor are not functioning properly, it could lead to problems with organ and postural support. By working on your core, you can decrease the risk of leakage.

This phase will not feel like a workout as it lays the foundation for safe workouts to come. You will get two gentle circuits that are no more intense than everyday movement, similar to picking your baby up, bending down to pick something up, sitting down and getting back up.

If you are not starting immediately post-partum, rather begin at week 7 (Phase 2). You will get a short circuit workout added to your others in this program, this summarizes Phase 1 Rehab and Retraining.

Phase 2
Week 7-12

This phase adds some slightly more advanced movements, but nothing too rigorous. This phase helps you slowly transition into more intense exercise at a later stage by building a solid base and is focused on improving pelvic floor recovery, re-training more optimal breathing patterns, increasing strength, particularly the deep core muscles and improving aerobic conditioning.

You will get 3 different types of workouts within the 6 weeks. Alternating between these workouts each week will allow you to progress and master the strength for the movements.

All exercises are easily modified where required. 

Phase 3 & 4
Week 13-29

We do not recommend purchasing these two phases unless you have previously gone through either Phase 1 or Phase 2 or you have been fully cleared from your Doctor and you have no Diastsis Recti or any other issues.

Phase 3 week 13-18: In this phase we can start adding in some moderate intensity cardio and high intensity training, only if you feel up to it! You will get 3 different types of workouts within the 6 weeks to alternate between.

Phase 4 week 19-29: You should be feeling stronger than before! Your core and pelvis should also be feeling more supported and balanced. This phase is slightly longer than the others so it includes a few more workouts to alternate between. There still won’t be any exercises that involve crunching, sit ups or anything too intense.

Most likely by week 30 you can return to any normal activity like before.

Alternating between workouts in the program is a good way to get your body used to similar but different movements and also allow you to progress and gain strength on these movements

As we all know, all pregnancies are different from one another and so is the healing period.

Should you still experience discomfort or are not feeling up to moving onto the next phase, you may definitely re-do the current phase you're in for 2 weeks and try again. Don't feel pressured that you have to be fit and strong enough by the given weeks of each phase.